About Dr. Geeta Arora

For the last 8 years I have worked as a locum tenens hospitalist. I began on this path when it was the least popular option upon graduation from residency.

I did countless hours of research trying to find accurate information about locum tenens companies, but never found anything written by physicians, only by the companies themselves. So, I stepped into this field blindfolded and learned the hard way. Since than, I have worked with over 16 locum tenens companies, 14 hospitals, and 8 electronic medical record systems.

Through these experiences, I’ve realized that, unfortunately, some locum tenens companies do not act with the professionalism and efficiency that both physicians and hospital systems would expect. This can lead to more stress than an actual employed position for physicians, and poor coverage with enormous costs for hospitals.

I decided to take matters into my own hands because I wanted to make the locum tenens system easier to navigate. I believe that the system can play a role in decreasing physician burnout, and I deeply understand the need that hospitals have to serve their patients with a shortage of doctors. As locum tenens physicians, we serve a need, and shouldn’t have to deal with inefficient placement systems.